16 DECEMBER 2017 — 14 JANUARY 2018

I dip my hand into my pocket for money and feel something’s not right… the barmaid (I’d seen her somewhere before) shoots me a look… And suddenly I realize that I don’t have any money, or, for that matter, even a pocket. In fact, I’m not wearing any clothes at all – nothing but a ski… My hand just slides along my naked body!

«Cold Land. Northern Tales», is the name of the exhibition by Tania Antoshina, on display from December 12 through February 15, 2015 in Vladivstok’s Zarya Contemporary Art Center. Striking in its format, the exhibition consists of an installation of an entire collection of small objects and sculptures, tokens of the artist’s memories and dreams of Siberia, where she spent her childhood and adolescence.

Each sculpture or object is presented on the kind of tray tables found on long-distance trains, which are attached at intervals along the walls. These dreams of the North are set against a backdrop of endless, snow-covered fields, drifting by the train windows via wall paintings. This gives the viewer the sense that what they are experiencing is the same train compartment, captured at various stages of a journey: as the train pushes on, it brings with it new objects and fresh dreams.